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Launched in 2005, luxury Scottish gift boutique Papa Stour demonstrates the longevity of a well built e-commerce website.
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We were approached by web startup company Papa Stour with the objective of establishing a boutique e-commerce website which allowed them to sell work from some of Scotland's finest artists and makers to a wide online marketplace. They wanted to develop a strong visual identity which appealed to their audience.


The website is a bespoke ecommerce solution, which allows Papa Stour to manage a network of artists and take online payments.

We worked closely with Papa Stour to design and build the website which really reflected the personality of their brand and showcased the work of the artists work, inspiring potential shopper to browse the website, and making purchasing from the website an easy process.

Launched in 2005 Papa Stour demonstrates that investing in a well built website means it will last for several years! With only minor updates to the design the website still functions effectively.


Over the past 5 years the website has had some outstanding publicity both online and offline in countless leading newspapers and magazines.

"Scotland's coolest online store Papa Stour..."
The Independent

"...a goldmine of lovely presents all sourced from Scotland's finest artists and makers"

"operates with a Zero Tolerance Policy when it comes to Scottish kitsch"
The FT - How to Spend It

"It fills a hole in the online market for gorgeous modern pieces..."
The Independent

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