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Regular communication with your existing customers is a key part of creating a successful online business.

Communicating with your customers shouldn't be a headache! Our email marketing software makes it quick and easy for you to send out regular email newsletters to your mailing list.

We can create you an email template which reflects your current branding and website, and all you would need to do then is login to your email newsletter dashboard, choose your template, and add your message and upload any pictures you want to send out.

Email newsletter template features:

  • You can have multiple mailing lists.
  • The software will manage anyone who unsubscribe's.
  • People can subscribe via a form on your website.
  • You can manually add email addresses.
  • You get great reports showing you how many people opened the newsletter.
  • How many people unsubscribe.
  • What links are clicked on.
  • You can see link popularity.
  • When the links are clicked on.
  • You can export your mailing lists.
  • and more.

Newsletter Stats

Of course having a template is only part of it; you also need a plan! A well structured email marketing plan will make getting your message into your customers inboxes quick and easy to do.

Email Marketing Plan (communicating with existing customers and interested parties): Your existing customers are your most important, these people have already purchased your products and services and should have established trust in the brand. Now you want to encourage loyalty, establishing your business as an expert in the field, and ensuring that you are the first place to call on when this service is required. We would develop an email marketing plan which would see you sending out regular newsletters informing this group of people about new products, relevant events, news, it's a great opportunity to stamp your personality on your business.

Mailing List (your existing and potential customers): This is a valuable asset and one that should be developed as it comprises of people genuinely interested in what you offer. People who sign up to your mailing list are a vital asset and regular communications with this interested group of people is going to be your easiest and cheapest way of reaching people who are likely to be interested in buying your products. We would develop an email marketing plan which would see you sending out regular newsletters informing this group of people about new products, relevant events and news, it's a great opportunity to really develop your band stickiness. The mailing list will be added to as people sign up to the mailing list via the website, or if you add email addresses manually, or import a list of customers who have made a purchase from the website.

Email Template (how to communicate): We will make it quick and easy for you to communicate with your customers by utilising email marketing software which will allow you to send out email newsletters which are branded to match your website. This will again be a chance to build your brand and bring people to the website. This will enable you to maintain regular communications with your customers. The template can be used with email marketing software that you already use or we can integrate your newsletter template with our email marketing software. In practice this would mean that to send a newsletter all you need to do is add the copy along with any images into a template that we design and build for you, using a simple form. It makes it quick and straightforward and ensures that all your newsletters land in your customers email in-boxes looking great!

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