We firmly believe that strong project management and good client communication is at the heart of every successful project.


Our Approach

Our team have a drive to understand our clients’ objectives, and know how to deliver the effectively.

We always ensure that:

  • Every project starts with a clear brief which explains the issue, target audience and task in hand
  • This brief is developed in conjunction with, and approved by, the client
  • All work is sense-checked against the client’s objectives at key, pre-agreed stages during the design and development process
  • Every project concludes with the satisfactory delivery of the outcomes defined in the project brief
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Project Management

We use a tried and tested project management process to guide each project from inception to completion.

Every project, regardless of scale, follows the same 6-stage process and demonstrates the most efficient and effective way of achieving a successful outcome and accurate delivery for each and every project, with the client’s needs/objectives at the heart of it:

  1. Clarifying the objectives
  2. Costing and timing the process
  3. Developing and sharing options
  4. Agreeing a route
  5. Making it happen
  6. Evaluating the impact