Website Rescue

We’re not going to burst through your office windows in balaclavas carrying assault rifles and stun grenades in an SAS style rescue mission, but we might be able to get you out of a pickle.

People often contact us when they cannot contact their existing website designer or developer after a few years of inactivity. Of course this can happen for many reasons, people move jobs or close their business, development was originally outsourced, contractual disputes, whatever the reason you need your website updated in a timely manner.

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How Can We Help?

Every case is different, but typically we help with:

  • Rescuing your domain name, and transferring it to your own account
  • Transferring your website onto a new server, or setup of a temporary hosting solution
  • Creation of a holding page or simple website while you resolve a situation
  • Fix things that have broken recently (or things that have never worked!)
  • Finish off projects that have been abandoned.

We generally work with LAMP technology and are happy to take over most websites. If your project is WordPress, Woocommerce or CakePHP then we should be well suited. If its another PHP based CMS system or framework then we can certainly take a look.

In all circumstances, before committing you to anything, we would evaluate what you have, and the feasibility of what needs done to move you forward.