Website design and development for Corrour Highland Sporting Estate.

Design led, image rich…

Corrour approached us to work with them to create a new website that really represented their brand values and the approach of the estate.

We worked closely with them to create a minimal, design led website that showcases their stunning highland location and the unique architecture. The website is a custom WordPress build and is designed to engage potential visitors and members and to be straightforward for staff to manage.

The website is further brought to life with video provided by Philip Hoffman, Phillip was also involved in seeding the design direction.

Mobile Friendly

It was understood that year on year the number of users that access websites on their tablets and smartphones is increasing. Providing website users with an elegant view of the website regardless of the device or size of screen they are using is critical to how well a website is perceived.

The new website was built to be responsive, and the design will adapt to display elegantly regardless of the device being used to present a mobile friendly view the website.