Bespoke WordPress website for safety, environment and engineering company.

Responsive website design - Mabbett
mabbett site

Updating the website design and build

The old website was no longer working well for Mabbett and had become visually dated, difficult to manage with confused user journeys; they needed something that better represented their growing business and appealed to their client base. We worked closely with Team Mabbett, to design and build a fresh looking, visually appealing website that brings higher degree of polish and professionalism to their digital presentation.

The website is based on WordPress and has custom theme closely tailored to their exact requirements which greatly reduces the time overhead for managing the website content.

Mabbett have a broad range of safety, environment and engineering services and have over 100 pages of website content, creating a clear information hierarchy for the content was key to the success of the project. The new website provides clear user journeys making it quick and intuitive to reach the content they are looking for.