We were contacted by the National Theatre of Scotland back in December about the production of a Virtual Tour of a unique theatre set they had constructed in the form Govan Town hall (now partly home to http://www.filmcityglasgow.com and some nice office space).

We have been commercially producing Virtual Tours for client accross Scotland since 2001, and the call came at a great time as we had just invested in some new equipment. The end result (we think) is quite spectacular, especially when viewed at fullscreen.

View the tour on the NTS website >

Using a new player, we were able to supply a ‘standard’ flash version with full screen option, in addition we supplied an HTML5 version suitable for playback on the iphone and ipad. Viewing and controlling the 360 tour on the ipad is a surprisingly natural and engaging experience. We are confident that non-flash VR is the future, at the moment the smoothness and quality is not quite as good, but things as always are progressing quickly in this field.

For more information on our Virtual tour production service check out: https://www.infinite-eye.com/services/16/virtual-tours