One solution required a rethink of their website strategy, which was outdated, inconsistent and did not reflect the high quality professional service on offer.

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Working as part of a team alongside Kerr Vernon, our solution was to create a main ‘group‘ website ( containing a high-level overview of the company and a summary of each key service areas, alongside information on the one-4-kids charity and their in-house training academy. Each main service area (there are 8 of these in total), was then given its own distinct website (eg. This approach we feel had several advantages including better search engine optimisation, better for marketing and communications, simplicity for customers as each website has a smaller and more focussed structure, easier to maintain and develop as each service area can have its own person responsible for managing content.

One Solution Group Website

The websites were developed using the open-source WordPress platform. Over the past few years WordPress has evolved from a blogging system into a fully featured, highly flexible, and easy to use content management system. Before launch we delivered a bespoke user guide alongside some on-site training and from that point forward One Solution staff have been able to manage all website content, including adding sections, pages, images, downloads and news articles. Because WordPress has a huge worldwide developer base, there is an almost endless supply of high quality plugins and customisations available that make it suitable as a platform for a wide range of website projects.