Bespoke WordPress and WooCommerce website for textile manufacturer

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The new site helps to position Lovat Mill as leaders in their field.

We worked closely with them to create a bespoke, minimal website design that put their gorgeous woven Tweeds centre stage.

We have incorporated full screen video making an engaging and high quality first impression for customers visiting the site, and video continues to be used throughout to illustrate the intricacies of the process of weaving Tweed.


The new website facilitates retail ecommerce as well as custom wholesale ecommerce. This is based on WooCommerce. There are also complex custom integrations with in-house systems.

The Lovat Mill team also needed a full featured website that provides freedom and flexibility, allowing them to build pages to fit their content and not the other way around.

We built a custom modular ‘page builder’ into WordPress that gives that freedom. After a 2-3 hour training session, the team was able to get to grips with managing the content. The WordPress backend is completely focussed on the required functionality with no bloat to slow things down or cause confusion.

lovat featured
lovat featured


The website is a highly customised WordPress / WooCommerce installation, it includes a number of custom content sections and management features, full ecommerce and custom integrations with in-house systems for shipping and accounting.

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