You want a new, easy to manage website. You know you want to use WordPress, well you are in the right place! We are WordPress specialists based in Glasgow with 10+ years experience of delivering bespoke WordPress solutions of all levels of complexity.

Whether you need a simple marketing website, or a highly complex site with quirky design features… we won’t be phased.

The incredible popularity of WordPress means there is a thriving global community of developers continually improving the core product and developing extensions and plugins to enhance the functionality. We have been using WordPress since its early years (as a blogging platform), and since 2010 it has been our CMS of choice for new projects.

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Who Uses WordPress?

WordPress is used by businesses, organisations and non-profits of all shapes and sizes. A quick Google search yields plenty of up to date lists of ‘notable’ WordPress users (take a look) who use WordPress every day to manage their blog or their entire website.

While its not a perfect fit for every project (and if that’s your project we will happily tell you so), it’s is a versatile and reliable CMS that can be used to easily manage a wide variety of websites.

We have substantial experience of customising WordPress, so you can be assured that we can customise it to meet your needs, and after a proper handover you and your team will be able to take control of your website content.

See the many, varied WordPress websites we have created > https://www.infinite-eye.com/portfolio/#wordpress

glasgow credit union

Why we Recommend WordPress

Some of the main reasons we use and recommend WordPress include:

  • Easy to learn and use – when we handover a project and provide training, our customers are happy to manage their website on a day-to-day basis. When the project has been properly structured the backend ‘admin’ side of the website is clear, intuitive and easy to use.
  • ‘Standard’ hosting requirements – wordpress runs nicely on a standard Linux / Apache / PHP / MySQL hosting environment, the most common hosting setup
  • Thriving Community – the open source community around WordPress continually drives the platform forward, bringing continual innovation and improvements
  • Extensibility – The WordPress plugin architecture allows anyone to develop ‘plugins’ that extend WordPress to suit their business needs, that means plenty of potential for growing your website or adding to its functionality over time.
  • Great for SEO – with the correct setup, wordpress can be great for search engine optimisation

How have We Used WordPress?

Recently we have used WordPress, in conjunction with WooCommerce on successful e-commerce projects like Kabloom and Wm. Boyle. We’ve also used it to calculate mortgages and loans on Glasgow Credit Union, property searches on Threave Rural, and custom job searching for legal recruitment specialists Frasia Wright Associates.

It has been a fantastic platform for large content managed sites like Mabbett, Paisley.is and Friends of the Earth Scotland each with hundreds of content pages.

More straightforward content managed websites we have built with WordPress include Great Western Auctions, Scottish Drama Training Network, Graphic Design Festival Scotland, and many more!

Paisley Is

Destination brand website for Paisley, created in WordPress.

View Project >

R&S Robertson

WordPress / WooCommerce website for R&S Robertson

View Project >

Frasia Wright Associates Legal Recruitment

Bespoke WordPress website and logo design for legal recruitment specialists.

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Friends of the Earth Scotland

Website development for Friends of the Earth Scotland.

View Project >

Graphic Design Festival Scotland

Content Managed Website for GDFS

View Project >

Glasgow Credit Union

Custom WordPress Website for Glasgow Credit Union.

View Project >

WildHearts Group

WordPress website for WildHearts Group

View Project >

Corrour Estate

Website design and development for Corrour Highland Sporting Estate.

View Project >

Southerness Golf Club

Content managed website for Southerness Golf Club based in Dumfries and Galloway.

View Project >

Great Western Auctions

WordPress Website for Great Western Auctions

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The Scotland 5G Centre

WordPress website for the Scotland 5G Centre

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Wm Boyle Interior Finishes

Ecommerce website for Glasgow based interior finishes supplier.

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