The majority of our website projects have some form of content management in place. For all but the smallest of projects, developing the website around a CMS is typically the most cost effective option, and it brings with it a range of other benefits.

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Why Use a Content Management System?

On a day to day basis, a CMS gives you the ability to:

  • Inform your users – about new products, services or announcements as soon as you are ready to market them
  • Grow your website – by adding content regularly your website grows in size, and so does your presence on search engines like Google
  • Change featured promotions – to suit current market conditions so you can react quickly to new trends, advertising campaigns, or breaking news, ahead of your competitors
  • Delegate responsibility – for maintaining the website or parts of the website to a range of people
  • Manage changes – directly in-house rather than being reliant on external support
  • Save time and money – by simplifying the website update process

Which Content Management System is Best?

We will always recommend what we consider the best solution for your project; practically speaking, we are very experienced delivering websites based on WordPress (a powerful content management system that is highly customisable) and CakePHP (a framework for bespoke projects where the complexity merits a custom built solution).

There is a never ending (and yawn inducing) cycle of “my CMS is better than yours” from agencies, article writers and people with a vested interest in one platform or another. For us, the key to a successful CMS deployment, whether its WordPress, Drupal or Umbraco, is to have it set up properly and professionally. Your CMS needs to be set up in a proper hosting environment, tailored to your business needs, configured to run properly and kept up-to-date regularly.

Whatever platform is used to develop your website we back it up by delivering on-site training, a custom user guide, and ongoing support tailored to your needs.

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Great Western Auctions

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