People often contact us when they lose touch with their existing website designer or developer after a few years of inactivity.

Of course this can happen for many reasons, people move jobs or close their business, development was originally outsourced, contractual disputes, whatever the reason you need your website in safe hands and working smoothly.

Our team have been working with WordPress daily since 2011. We’ve worked successfully with organisations of all shapes and sizes on a huge variety of themes, plugins and customisations.

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How Can We Help?

Every project is different, but typically we help with:

  • Transferring your website onto a new server, or setup of a temporary hosting solution
  • Creation of a holding page or simple website while you resolve a situation
  • Fixing things that have broken recently (or things that have never worked!)
  • Repairing hacked websites
  • Finishing off WordPress projects that have been abandoned.
  • Adding new WordPress features
  • Performing WordPress core and plugin updates
  • Giving your tired old website a mobile-friendly makeover

When everything is back up and running nicely we can provide ongoing support to avoid you getting into the same situation again.


What Next?

In all circumstances, before committing you to anything we would evaluate what you have, and the feasibility of what needs done. We would agree on a quote before progressing with any work.

If you would like us to take a look at your WordPress website then please get in touch with as much information as you can.

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